the concept

There are more than a dozen art competitions for graduates of art academies in Poland, but only several targeted at current students. Do they have the potential to highlight what is most important in Polish art? Only time will tell. Our plan, and our goal, is to create new opportunities for young artists (who are still studying), and allow them to broaden their horizons.

For contestants the Hestia Artistic Journey competition marks a special moment. It may be their first encounter with non-academic assessment, and even the first time they have presented themselves and their vision to the outside world. It is also an opportunity for artists to be confronted by professional art critics and the public, both of which are also given a unique insight into what is happening at Polish art schools and what trends are influencing their students.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single trend or a direction followed by contemporary "young" artists. Critics argue that it goes down the classicist and conformist path. What we are seeking are unorthodox “uncompromising” attitudes with the potential to develop. We are seeking artists who refuse to give in to dominant trends in art, and are not falling into the trap of repeatability. The most auspicious quest will be awarded with an artistic journey to New York or Valencia. These iconic places mirror the educational journeys taken by young artists centuries ago not only to explore the world, but art. It should be stressed that the concept of reinforcing education underpins our competition.

It is true that we live in an era of swift information exchange, but nothing is able to replace personal experiences. Journeys will continue to educate long after formal education has finished. Journeys are an inspiration, a challenge, and a lesson. They provoke, have the potential to bring about change, offer a new perspective of the seemingly obvious, and help us notice new things.

In the next edition of the competition the dream of an artistic journey may become a reality for one of the contestants.