Opening: "Atypical" Jorge Alva, Aleksander Małachowski



Jorge Alva, Aleksander Małachowski

vernissage: 1st March 2018, Thursday, 6PM
Pawilon Sztuki ERGO Hestia / Kostrzewskiego 1 / Warszawa
untill 6th of April 2018

Please join photographers: Aleksander Małachowski (Poland) & Jorge Alva (El Salvador) to celebrate the opening their exciting, brand new exhibition entitled “Atypical”.

A multi-disciplinary project inspired by the intersection between architecture and photography spreading the idea of being more aware of our surroundings. This project highlights each artist’s personal relationship with the city which helps to define us as citizens and as creators. Urban landscapes, architecture, abstract; their most personal reflections on the place they choose to call home - Warsaw.


"Photographers Alek Małachowski and Jorge Alva have that rare ability to find the hidden beauty in the everyday and then successfully translate their vision to a more easily accessible medium for the benefit of those of us who have grown accustomed to not fully appreciating our surroundings. In fast paced urban environments, the habit of slowing down and taking in the world around us is one that is slowly being lost. Contrastingly, Alek and Jorge’s capacity for patience and eye for detail results in arresting images that demonstrates their appreciation for the built world. Atypical expertly traverses this intersection between architecture and photography, the artists providing guidance on how we as subjects can slow down, and appreciate the places we inhabit. In the era of on-demand services that instantly satiate our ever-increasing appetites, it is perhaps more important than ever that we re-learn this skill, and this is certainly an excellent starting point".

Tim Barnes, Chivas Regal Ambassador for Poland


About artists:

Jorge Alva - drawing inspiration from visual arts, film, and architecture, Jorge Alva is a urban/architecture photographer from El Salvador based in Warsaw. He’s all about seeing things differently, and this leads him to trying new things and taking risks. His goal is to create interesting photographs by using his surroundings. He views things with a cinematic eye - and creates scenes or new worlds within the one we all live in. He combines this vision with emotion and it leads to captivating photographs. In this sense, the work that he creates is really a reflection of who he is.

Aleksander Małachowski - born and raised in Warsaw, Aleksander Małachowski is a photographer focused mainly on architecture. His passion stems from a relentless thrill of discovering different perspectives and paying attention to details. Scientific studies led him to seek for intersection between photography and organized, physical world by means of geometry and symmetry shaped in a minimalist kind of way.




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