Opening: "Sensation" Izabela Chamczyk


Izabela Chamczyk



opening exhibition: 19th April 2018, Thursday, 6PM

free entrance

Pawilon Sztuki ERGO Hestia / Kostrzewskiego 1 street / Warsaw

19th April 2018 - 6th July 2018

Opening hours: mon., tue., fri.: 2 pm - 5 pm
thu. 2 pm - 6 pm
or after telephone appointment +48 513 525 045

This is haptic and kinaesthetic painting – even sculptural. It activates all our senses, including the sense of touch and the sense of balance. The pictures appear to expand in terms of the length, breadth and depth of the canvas, slowly revealing their coats and layers. Of course, the eye, which observes the intricate constructions up-close, has the most fun.

Chamczyk transforms paint into a fully-fledged story, full of drama and sudden twists. The top coat of paint is mixed with the bottom one, slipperiness with roughness, convexity with concavity – all this gives the viewer an impression of being assaulted from all sides, crawling and whirling, engaging  the eye in a journey full of enigmatic stains, capricious lines, textures, rhythms, surfaces and colours. These bizarre images do not allow us to get bored unless we lack appropriate focus ...

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