• Annual report

Annual Report “Success” 2019

The essence of success can be easily reduced to a brief cliché. It can also be easily overloaded with an unnecessary component. Success is not created in the monotony of one time and one space, since it takes place in all the areas familiar to the senses. Joanna Kunert, the winner of the Special Award in the 17th edition of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition, listened carefully to the voice of people who create ERGO Hestia and its values. She also took a look around the everyday space of the office staff. Using Sopot-based ingredients, she created a palette of textures, shapes, fragrances and flavours that tells about what is human, local and accessible. Her story is rooted in a deep reflection, which allows us to enjoy and share the ERGO Hestia’s success, as the senses that mark their presence so strongly in the ERGO Hestia Annual Report facilitate, in fact, savouring and not an easy consumption.

Report available online here: