Agata Dobierska "One photo, one day", Warsaw 2015


22 October - 20 November 2015 


ERGO Hestia Art Pavilion

ul. Franciszka Kostrzewskiego 1 (dial 131), Warsaw


Another exhibition at the Art Pavilion will focus on photography. Agata Dobierska, an artist from Poznań, has been recording every day of her life for the last two years on Polaroid photos. The photo album which portrays reality and the artist’s creative process, will be presented at the Warsaw exhibition starting from 22 October.

Agata Dobierska is this year’s finalist of Hestia Artistic Journey Competition, and the audience is familiar with her project smaller totals, which she presented at the final exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. It was a series of photographs made while the artist pondered on the matter of the universe and the shape of its infinite fractal structure. Dobierska constructed microcosms, she depicted them in photos, by thus searching for the answer as to the presence of a spiritual soul.  

At the October exhibition at the Art Pavilion the artist will present a personal project which she worked on for two years. She will unveil Polaroid photos made at different stages of her life. Choices made by Dobierska are personal and guided by emotions. For the artist, every photo is an impulse to recreate the recorded moments. Events registered on Polaroid remind of various moments in selective incomplete ways.

The awareness of passing time often forces us to return to memories in order to situate us in the right place and time in the context of our past experiences. Upon return to the world recorded on photographs, the only elements left are sounds, smells, touches, while the images become blurred and undefined at a given moment in time.

The artist has attempted to systematize memories, but no clear-cut structure has emerged. The shape of the exhibition based on links between photographs gives the audience the opportunity to create freely and discover moments from their own lives and links between Polaroid photos.  

The exhibition One Photo, One Day at the Art Pavilion will offer the audience a new creative format, the artistic book. 20 special books designed by Agata Dobierska, with the artist’s signature, and one unique photo will be available for sale at the opening of the exhibition on 22 October in Warsaw. 


Curator Piotr Szpilski


Agata Dobierska- graduate of the first course of studies at the University of Arts in Poznan. She completed her final work at the faculty of photography at Professor Piotr Chojnacki and Professor Krzysztof J. Baranowski’s workshop. She continues her education at the second course of studies at the same University. Finalist of the 14th edition of Hestia Artistic Journey Competition. Her works have been presented at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Her latest project “Smaller Totals” was presented at the TIFF Photo Festival in the debut section. She lives and works in Poznan.


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