Piotr Kołakowski "Light", Warsaw 2015

opening: 26.11.2015, at 18.00 (Thursday)

entrance free


26 November 2015 – 8 January 2016


ERGO Hestia Art Pavilion

ul. Franciszka Kostrzewskiego 1 (dial 131), Warsaw


The Jury of Hestia Artistic Journey Competition was seduced by his project on paradise lost.  On 26 November at the Art Pavilion Piotr Kołakowski will present his newest cycle of graphic works, a reflection on the issue of light in painting.


The black and white works by Piotr Kołakowski, mainly lithographs and photographs, focus on the condition of modern man and his environment. Kołakowski uses light to create the image of the world. His projects revolve around notions of the end, loneliness, helplessness, melancholy, paradise lost, human nature and animality. The artists applied to the Hestia Artistic Journey Competition by presenting his cycle of 5 lithographs entitled “Short Story About Love", which secured him a place among the finalists. It is his story about a truly intimate and unbreakable link to another living being. The artist considers human contact with animals as the most beautiful element when searching for something perfect, pure and natural. Homo sapiens is a species which has lost paradise. The cycle entitled “Short Story About Love" expresses the artist’s longing for a hedonistic life, away from the grey reality, experiencing freedom and carelessness.

The project which Kołakowski will present at “Light” exhibition at the Art Pavilion is an attempt at recording the changing structure of the Earth’s surface. Every selected place, every isolated fragment of the planet is described with its exact geographical location. The cycle of lithographs was created out of the need to register the exact appearance of the earth, to preserve its current condition, its incredible structure, live matter, before it is destroyed. The artist undertakes, although it is a utopia, to create a new atlas, which takes the abstract form of a game of shadows. Light in Piotr Kołakowski’s collages emerges from links, creating lines defining new divisions on maps. By varying the level of light reflections on the surface of the painting, levels of greyness give the impression of spatiality, and the colour itself unveils multiple possibilities of interpreting shades. Light puts order to the greyness of Kołakowski’s  collages. It combines separate elements, creating a coherent image of a new spatial system created by the artist. Sometimes the working surface starts resembling a starry sky.  

10 original posters with the artist’s signature have been printed for “Light” exhibition. They will be available for purchase at the Art Pavilion throughout the exhibition.


curator Piotr Szpilski


Piotr Kołakowski – b. 1991, student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. Holder of a scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Finalist of the 14th edition of Hestia Artistic Journey Competition. He is interested in painting and graphic techniques. He participated, among others, in the 8th Performance Festival “CIRCLE OF TIME – THE DRAMA OF FREEDOM” at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń and the exhibition “Polish Kiss – Hungarian Print” at LATARKA Gallery in Budapest.




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