Krzysztof Nowicki and Cyryl Polaczek “Temptations", Warsaw 2013

Presenting works of winners of the 11th and the 12th edition, the exhibition “Temptations - Krzysztof Nowicki and Cyryl Polaczek” was held in September 2013 in Przy Teatrze Gallery in Warsaw.

Krzysztof Nowicki and Cyryl Polaczek

Winners of the Grand Prix in Hestia Artistic Journey competition.

Both on the threshold of their artistic journeys and careers.

Both find their inspirations in the visuality or works of their great predecessors.

They initiate a dialogue with the world around them, analyse it or cheekily comment on it.

Being faithful to their ways, both Krzysztof and Cyryl are artists who are persistently describing the reality: Nowicki is an inquisitive philosopher and scientist, while Polaczek is a flamboyantly sensuous poet.

The exhibition marks an encounter of two distant approaches to painting. It encourages a reflection on the condition of art in the early 21st century when anything is permitted and, as one may conclude, we have seen it all before.

Luckily for Cyryl Polaczek and Krzysztof Nowicki, painting is an area of art which discovers new ways of perceiving the reality, analyses experiences and seeks for answers to questions which are relevant to all of us. It’s an enormous temptation for the audience.

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