Łukasz Radziszewski "1989", Warsaw 2016

opening: 14.01.2016, at 18.00 (Thursday)


14 January 2016 – 17 February 2016

ERGO Hestia Art Pavilion

ul. Franciszka Kostrzewskiego 1 (dial 131), Warsaw


The exhibition entitled “1989” is a solo presentation of drawings by Łukasz Radziszewski, finalist of Hestia Artistic Journey Competition in 2015. He has been creating his wartime landscapes, drawn using a pen, since 1989. The artist has continued the cycle, which started in his childhood, until today.

Drawings by Łukasz Radziszewski were presented at the final exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in 2015 under the title of “Little Wars”. The subject matter of the artist’s drawings was related to his childhood   fascination with war stylistics, inherited from the his grandfather and father.  In my childhood and youth playing battles on paper was my unconscious and emotional reaction, a way of letting off steam. I can definitely say that such activities are often a kind of therapy for me –Radziszewski says about his works. Currently, the connotations of the name are different than when the artist grew up. The idea of the latest exhibition entitled “1989” was based on the type of drawings made by the artist, which were shaped in his childhood years and continue throughout his adult creative life.

Łukasz Radziszewski’s little wars evolve while he grows up, they transform in time and semantic space, and the only unmovable element is the form of artistic expression. The movement of the pen on paper, perfected throughout the years, remains unchanged, despite the changes to the artist’s environment. The childhood game translates into a creative attitude, through which Radziszewski talks about issues which are dear to him today. By using that method, time is dispersed in his drawings. The ritual of creating records of little wars played by the artist, recurring since 1989, is transformed into a time loop where the past is linked to the present through form. The abstract records of past wars gain a new meaning in 2016, as well as a new level of interpretation opportunities, and that is exactly the subject matter of the exhibition.  

The project entitled “1989” consists of personal records made available to the audience. Records which move us to the period of his early-years imagination. The exhibition proves that form can last eternally, and time reaches beyond the reality which surrounds us.

At the Art Pavilion we will present a broad selection of Radziszewski’s works from 1989-2015, and the opening, planned for 14 January, will be an opportunity to discuss the drawings with the artist in person.

Łukasz Radziszewski, b.  1989 in Białystok. Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Co-author of Pracownia żelazna independent creative circle. He worked as a full-time artist at the 2nd Masovian Bomb Regiment in Kazuń Nowy. Finalist of the 14th edition of Hestia Artistic Journey Competition.

2014 - exhibition “Playing the Artist”, Galeria Arsenał Playground, Białystok
2014 - curator exhibition “Not even a poet used to live here”, Pracownia żelazna, Warsaw
2014 - exhibition “Warm Instability Current”, Pracownia żelazna, Warsaw
2014 - exhibition “Sto*Disegnando/I am Drawing”,, Galeria V9, Warsaw
2014 - exhibition “Sto*Disegnando/ I am Drawing”, Casa Testori, Milan
2015 – exhibition “What will you be Painting When the War Comes”, Galeria Turbo
2015 – final exhibition of Hestia Artistic Journey Competition at the Museum of Modern Art inWarsaw
2015 – exhibition “Not-Warlike”, Zachęta Project Room, Warsaw 



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